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xxSuicideSyndicatexx's News

Man, I haven't been on NG in several months. I can clearly see no-one missed me....ehehe....Righto... Anyways, I've been trying to think up some other Flash Projects. So far, nothing. BUT! I'm sure I'll think of something wonderful in due time. I've been debating whether to shit-can The Light Warriors, since everyone seems to have forgotten about it. I don't know yet, I might work on it later.

I've also been getting better at drawing in Flash. It's tough, but awesome! Although, I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. I just use the line tool, then bend the lines with the mouse tool.

Anyways, I'm back, booyah, and celebrate!

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't put up a post in a while. I've been kinda busy lately. Anyways, I'm sorry to say, that The Light Warriors has been put on a brief hiatus. Due to the fact, That I have been busy with school, and I can't seem to find any time to fit it in. But don't worry, I wont let all this trouble go to waste! :3

Damn , I'm a fast worker.

Anyways , Like the title says , It's like 1/4 done. Considering this episode is going to be MUUUCH longer than the previous one. My voice actors , don't freak out , I won't be working on this for about 3 months after the first episode comes out. Because I got school work to attend to as well.

So I just figured I would give you guys an update.

BTW...CAN SOMEONE PLEASE FIND ME SOME FF ANNIVERSARY EDITION SPRITES?! I have been looking EVERWHERE for these. But I can't find any. I can find like a sprite of each character just standing , but that's about it.

Argus - GregIsGreat
Gilles - Tomska
Sarina - RinaChan
Gerad - Zeppelin562
The King - Zeppelin562

OH YEAH BABY! Episode #1's cast is filled! Now all I gotta do is find some Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition sprites. Although I have yet to find any..... TTWTT

The Light Warriors Cast "Updated"

Argus voiced by GregIsGreat
Gilles voiced by Tomska
Sarina voiced by Rina-Chan
Gerad voiced by (No-one currently)
The King voiced by (No-one currently)

Gerad is possibly taken. I'm waiting for the guy to send me the sample clip. Then I will judge it! >:3 You can expect "The Light Warriors" to be finished by March 2010 or so. It's going to take a while. Considering I have school work , studies , and other stuff to catch up on.

Marcus as Argus
TomSka as Gilles
Kirbopher as Gerad
Rina-Chan as Sarina

Hey guys! I just got done talking to Rina-Chan last night and she has agreed to voice Sarina , The White Mage. I just PM'd Egoraptor and asked him for the part of Argus. Im waiting for him to reply...SO YAY!

I've been trying to find one on Youtube , but I can't seem to find one. Does anyone else know where I can? I wanna actually try to animate instead of making sprite movies. But I don't know shit about Flash.

I'm currently working on a sprite series based off the first Final Fantasy. No , this is not a rip-off of 8-Bit Theater. Here are the characters!

Argus - The Fighter

Gilles - The Black Mage

Sarina - The White Mage

Gerad - The Thief

and unfortunately this is all I can post at the moment. Still coming up with character development!

Who's the man!?!